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11/9/17 - Posted by Nick at 6:36 PM in Prague, Czech Republic - Today marks our final day in the Czech Republic. We head to Germany tomorrow to finish up our Fall 2017 European Tour. It has been an amazing journey so far and we are excited to be spreading our new album 'Devil On TV' across the World! Above, is a shot from our show in Paris, France last week. Thank you to all our fans who have made this trip so successful from France to Holland to Switzerland to Belgium to the Czech Republic to Germany and back to France! You guys rule! Rock N' Roll lives on!

10/29/16 – Posted by Nick at 2:04 AM at the Hotel Hollmann in Halle, Germany – Tonight we ROCKED at the Bowers & Wilkins Rhythm and Blues Festival. It was incredible. This marks our 2nd time playing here and this time we were billed as a featured SPECIAL ACT. The head of the company has become a personal friend and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to come to Germany for such a special festival. There is an entire part of the festival grounds dedicated to only their high-end speakers (B&W is a sound system company), which blew my mind. The festival was PACKED and we played a wild set. Throwing a bunch of old tunes at the audience and they responded with energy and danced the night away. Tonight marks the first night using all new gear for the band. Steve played directly through a new amp and I slapped the skins of a green 5-piece Treehouse Nesting Kit. Tomorrow we embark on another adventure to Amsterdam. 3 days there and then off to play a run of gigs in France to finish out the tour!


6/26/16 – Posted by Nick at 2:39 AM in a 16th century French watermill farm house room – As I listen to the water flowing from outside through my window, I am amazed that there is such beautiful places in the world and that I am lucky enough to spend time in them. We are staying at a very old house that the club owner’s father owns. It looks like it hasn’t changed in MANY years and that is awesome. Although I have not slept in two days, we surprisingly had one of the most full throttle sets I have played in my career to date. Steve was given plenty of the club’s specialty, ‘God’s Wine’, and there was a sheep roast barbecue before our set. Needless to say, we played like we were delivering the sheep’s heart to the front door of La Temps des Crises with the good people of Beaumont en Véron, France! There was a superb light show with an ample amount of smoke machines on stage which never fails to light the crowd ablaze. We played a brand new song tonight, ‘Won’t Ya’ Come Over My House’, which we wrote the day before we left. It was extra fonky and the song is inspired by Jaco Pastorius’s bass grooves, Mark Sandman’s lyrical arrangements, and old school Chili Peppers funk rhythms. Very excited to have played our first headlining show abroad at a sold out venue. Can’t wait for the rest of the tour!

11/6/15 – Posted by Nick at ??? AM in the airport heading to Nice, France – We have just arrived at the airport on route to Nice, France to play at a giant theater in one of the most beautiful parts of France. The past couple shows we have been going crazy on stage. Dave Keyes, has been joining us on stage to perform ‘Jail Bird’ just like he played it on the album. It has been awesome! Can’t wait for the final gigs of this tour!

11/5/15 – Posted by Nick at 11:00 AM Middle of Nowhere, France – We completed our stay in Paris and had some killer shows. Sold out our Paris debut and have been playing some of our best shows yet. We have only a few more gigs before our tour is completed and we return to the USA. Steve was interviewed and did a guitar lesson for the 3 top guitar magazines in France and we were also played on a bunch of French national radio shows as well as doing a live version of ‘Been Drivin’ in the radio studio. It has been a great trip!


10/31/15 – Posted by Nick at 12:00 PM Amsterdam, Netherlands – Tonight is our final night staying in our new home, Amsterdam. Not sure if it’s a normal thing for bands to have a full week’s stay in Amsterdam. The people around here are very welcoming and we have had some amazing gigs. The crowd last night in Dordetch, NL was over 500 people and so far the biggest of the tour for a club date. After tonight we will head to Paris, France where we will be playing at the biggest audiences we have ever played for in some of the more prestigious theaters in France.


10/24/15 – Posted by Nick at 4:04 AM Berlin, Germany – We landed in Berlin, Germany for tonight’s SOLD OUT gig at the legendary club the Quasimodo. Our tour manager Andrew pointed out where the Berlin wall was today to us on our drive as well as a very old racecar track area that had been turned into the highway. Andrew is a kick ass dude, best tour manager I ever met. For sure. The Quasimodo is a very very old jazz club where so many blues and jazz players have played before. This is the 3rd or 4th show that has been beyond sold out. I watched the bouncer turn away almost 30 people throughout the show who couldn’t get in because there was people all the way out the door. I kept yelling QUASIMODO! during our set. How could you not? The club was hot as hell and the stage was drenched by the end of the night. Richie had to put towels on the bass drum pedals because there was so much sweat pouring off of us. German lights on stage get a lot hotter. None of that LED nonsense. It was a great show all around. Both bands are operating at an extremely high level. When you see the other band killing it every night, you can’t help but up your game at every show… ESPECIALLY when they are all sold out and these people want to see some mind blowing rock and roll. The train rolls on tomorrow as we continue our 7 day straight run, before we head back to the Netherlands for a couple days. Also, Steve taught Sam  his first slide guitar lesson backstage after the show.


10/19/15 – Posted by Steve at 4 AM Netherlands – Here we are in the Netherlands, its late, just had a 2 hour ride home from the show in Vervier Belgium, where we rocked for the 4th show of the tour . It was a great show, packed crowd, we hit the stage around 8 and rocked as hard as we could to warm the stage up. Thats pretty much how its been going at every show so far. Lots of driving, lots of rock n roll….

10/16/15 – Posted by Steve at 3:46 AM EST – ….3:46 am? Maybe in the greatest city in the world Hartford CT, but here in Germany its 9:46am and we just ate breakfast….We left from NYC yesterday, or atleast i think it was yesterday, maybe it was 2 days ago, who knows, we entered a time warp. Nick and i enjoyed some cold brews on the plane ride across the pond, watched some interesting films about the Beach Boys and The Who and before we knew it we arrived in the tomorrow of Germany and immediately got lost in the airport and had no idea where we were. Got a quick power nap and then it was time for load in.

The first show was the kick off of the 15th annual Kammgarn International Blues Festival held in a cool venue they called the Cotton Club. They had some good food and wine and beer for us, which we enjoyed, yes we did. We noticed our name printed on the schedule and even a bio written in german featured in the booklet for the festival, its pretty crazy to see our band name printed all over in a different country.

We set up, just like any other show, had a good meal, then came back to the stage to find the room had quickly began to fill in with people. By the time we hit the stage around 8pm the room was already packed and the people were ready to get down. We played a slightly jet lagged, but energetic set and as we got going the people got more and more into what we were doing. By the end of the set they were shouting and jumping, dancing, singing, and flat out rockin out with us, it was great. And they even called for an encore, so we gave ’em some more rock n roll and warmed up the stage…oh whats that i hear a crazy german police siren, they sound funny….It was a great first night of the tour and i think its only going to get better/crazier from here.

We met lots of great people, sold lots of our new album and we had a great reception from our first european audience ever. Then we drank more german beer and headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

Next up we drive 4 hours to Siegen-Weidenau Germany to play the Vortex Musikclub!! Rock ON

10/13/15 – Posted by Nick at 11:14 PM EST – Just returned from our full US East Coast tour. We made it from the low 30s in Maine to the high 80s in Florida. Daytona Blues Fest was a killer jam. Tomorrow we leave for Germany.

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